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Information > Buying a W124 > Running Costs
Car Insurance:
Most W124s are in insurance Group 16. You may be able to cover them on a classic policy, particularly if you have another vehicle as your "main" car. Classic policies are generally much cheaper than ordinary insurance and enable you to set an agreed value, something that the majority of ordinary policies will not

Insurance companies may refuse to pay out the market value of a W124 as they use a "Book" value that has no relevance to market values. In theory this shortfall could be covered by a Gap policy but most Gap policies we've looked at don't offer appropriate cover. You are recommended to use a good broker and arrange appropriate cover with an agreed value. It's not possible to generalise on insurance costs

Car Tax / Vehicle Excise Duty (VED):
All pre-2001 cars above 1549 cc (so all W124s) are flat rated
  • Current rate: 215 / year
  • 2009-2010: 190 / year
  • 2010-2011: 205 / year
  • 2011-2012: 215 / year

Fuel costs:
Average fuel consumption figures, based on user reports, are
  • E200 28-32 mpg
  • E220 28-32 mpg
  • E280 26-28 mpg
  • E320 25-27 mpg
  • E300 Diesel 32-34 mpg

Servicing costs:
An annual service will cost between 150 and 250 depending on what needs doing. We recommend budgeting 750 for maintenance and rolling the balance over to the next year to pay for one-off bills

The service interval for later cars is 9000 miles. If you do less than this we recommend servicing the car annually whatever the mileage. This way you can keep on top of jobs like waxoyling wheelarches, greasing the brake,fuel & self-levelling pipes and checking for oil leaks. It also gives an opportunity for someone to have a good look at the unde