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W124s are not expensive to maintain. An A service costs around 140 plus parts and a B service around 200 plus parts. The service schedule is every 9000 miles alternating between A and B services. Additional work (brake fluid change, coolant change, etc) is required every 36,000 miles. We recommend cars are serviced once a year whether they've done 9000 miles or not. This allows your mechanic to check safety-critical items such as brake pipes and tyres before every MOT

We recommend you use an experienced Mercedes independent garage to maintain your W124. Mercedes dealers are expensive and their mechanics see few cars of this age. Local garages, whilst generally excellent, often lack the specialist knowledge required for Mercedes of this era. Independent specialists are more efficent and more cost-effective. A typical labour rate for an Independent garage outside of London is 40 / hour. We know a number of the Independent Mercedes specialists in the UK and can recommend garages in London (N, SE, NW, W), Brighton, Chichester, Preston, Norwich, Newquay and Winchester

Cars of this age will demand occasional replacement items such as suspension bushes, engine mounts and window regulators. None of these items is particularly expensive and a good independent garage will spot any deterioration and be able to schedule replacements and prevent breakdowns

We advise budgeting 700 / year for maintenance. This budget will cover annual maintenance, running repairs and the occasional bigger bill that may occur every couple of years