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iPod integration
We specialise in iPod integration and can supply charging cables, audio cables, cradles and navigation software for iPods and iPhones

As standard we install a simple iPod cable and a CD/Radio with an auxiliary input. This allows playback of music from any iPod, or other audio player, using the standard headphone jack on the unit

We can supply full iPod control cables for many stereos allowing control of iPod playback via the front panel controls of the stereo. We can also supply cables suitable for audio and video output that also allow charging of iPod and iPhone batteries

A charging cable plus a tilt and swivel cradle makes the ultimate iPod or iPhone mount and is ideal for iPhones with navigation software. When running navigation software a charging lead is essential

iPod & iPhone accessories
  • Simple iPod audio cable using headphone output
  • iPod control cable using the multipin connector
  • Audio, video and charging cables using the multipin connector
  • Tilt and swivel cradles
  • cigarette lighter charging cables
  • Bluetooth iPhone interface for hands-free phone use