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W124 interiors were available in Cloth, MB-Tex, leather and velour. All these materials have their advantages and disadvantages but leather is what most UK buyers want. The toughest material is MB-Tex ("Taxi Trim") and the rarest is velour

Post-facelift cars used different materials and finishes to early models. Unless stated these details refer to post-facelift cars

Late cloth interiors used fabric with a softer finish and more muted patterns. Common colours are Black, Grey and Mushroom. Door cards have a moulded-in panel in matching cloth and a padded nylon finish to the door pocket

MB-Tex has narrow longitudinal panels, like early leather seats, but without the front rail. Common colours are Grey and Mushroom but there are Black, Green and Brown MB-Tex interiors about. Door cards have a moulded-in panel in textured vinyl and plastic door pockets

Leather interiors on late cars have wide lateral panels on the squab with a deep front rail. Door cards have a set in panel with ruffled leather and plastic door pockets

Velour interiors are extremely rare. They have SL-style ribbed edges and look like a very expensive version of a 1980's sofa. An early saloon in Thistle Green with green velour is a retro treat!

Examples of cloth interiors

Black cloth, Zebrano wood

Grey cloth, Walnut wood

Grey cloth, Zebrano wood

Blue cloth, Zebrano wood

Black Sports cloth, Walnut wood

Examples of leather interiors

Grey leather, Walnut wood

Mushroom leather, Walnut wood

Blue leather, Walnut wood

Black leather, Walnut wood

Black leather, Zebrano wood

Examples of MB-Tex interiors

Mushroom MB-Tex, Walnut wood

Mushroom MB-Tex, Walnut wood

Black MB-Tex, Walnut wood

Black MB-Tex, Walnut wood