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7-Seater Estates
Mercedes offered a 7-seat option for the W124 which is a must-have for larger families. The seats are easy to use, and fold away completely under the boot floor when not in use, making seven seats an easy option to live with

The two additional seats are rear-facing and have proper 3-point lap strap and diagonal seat belts. As with all Mercedes-Benz options these seats are designed and tested to the same standards as the rest of the car, rather than being added as an afterthought, so they are safe and secure. All models have an internal handle to lock and open the tailgate and 7-seat models also have a strap to pull it closed. The additional seats are suitable for children or tolerant teenagers

We offer a 7-seater retrofit service using original Mercedes parts. All estates are built with the mounting points for the additional seat belts so we source & fit the belts, seats and floor panels to fit your car. Finding seats and carpet in the correct colour to match your interior can take some time but we have a set we can install right away and replace later with the correct colour